Sunday, 17 September 2017


Staring through his binoculars Aaron looked out at the desert.  There were cactus plants and wind with sand. Aaron was wearing huge sunglasses so the sand didn't get to his eyes. He was on a camel and heard the scary rattle of a snake behind him. When he was looking through his binoculars he saw a guy laying on the ground, he looked like a explorer.
The explorer was wearing shorts, sandals and a sunhat. He had short black hair, a large bag, pocket knife and a hiking stick too. He had lots of safety equipment but he didn’t have water and food.

Aaron rushed to the explorer lying on the ground. He said “Are you ok”? He wasn't speaking. Aaron touched his mouth he was breathing so he know he was alive. He gave him water and put him on the back of his camel. Aaron took the explorer home and laid him down carefully in bed.

When the explorer woke up he said “Where am I”? Aaron said “ Ohh you're awake you're in my house and you were laying on a ground so I brought you home”.  “Thanks for saving me, my name is Abdul if it wasn’t for your kindness I might have died”. Aaron replied with a smile “there is kindness in everyone, sometimes they just need a chance to show it”